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Our Products

Ultra Drain is engineered to a level that can easily be connected with its unique range of fittings.
Standard PVC plumbing fittings are used which makes Ultra Drain a user friendly product.

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Our UDP130

The Maestro of the Ultra Drain range developed for larger projects.


Our UDP100

These drains can either be locked into place between pavers or concreted into place, dependent upon which application is used. These drains can be laid and haunched in any normal application.

Our UDP75

Ideal for numerous applications both indoors and outdoors giving visual aesthetics and durability.


Our UDP45

This product has a high water flow rate of 330 L/M usable in balcony, driveway, kitchen, wineries, pool and landscaping applications.



Ideal for where shallow screeds are required to ensure the concrete integrity is not compromised.


The Benefits

Our Ultra Drain Base Channel‘s core fluted drain has revolutionised the traditional ways of manufacturing drain bases and with the smooth contours allows for the water to move smoothly and quickly to the point of discharge.

Our Work

Here are some of our past clients results featuring our premium products and services.

Belle Maison

Luxury apartment building situated
on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Large poolside refurbishment using our UD100

Luijiten Landscapes

Residential place to enjoy the pastoral surrounds of the grazing stock but to create a balanced garden for the house using our UDP75 Channel Drain System.

Riverhead Refurbishment

Residential place refurbishment to be
fond of the concrete surroundings using
our UDP130 Channel Drain System. 

Our Team

Our company prides itself in manufacturing quality products,
providing technical support and excellent customer service.

Ultra Drain Director, John Anderson.

John Anderson


Manufacturing Responsibilities and Quality Control

Karyn Anderson, Ultra Drain Managing Director.

Karyn Anderson

Managing Director

Sales, Marketing and Product Development

Michael and Mandy Hewitt, Ultra Drain Distributors.

Mandy & Michael Hewitt

N.S.W. and Victoria Distributors

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