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Ultra Edge Tile Insert Guide

Installation Guide

Open the box and remove the Ultra Edge Tile Insert drain from the carton.

Remove the 2 m Edge Tile Insert Tray and store in a safe place until ready to insert stone or tiles at completion of installation.

Ensure the extruded Tile Insert side alloy components are fixed to the channel and the protective tape is in place. (DO NOT REMOVE TAPE)

This will then enable you to establish the finished height to allow for tile laying

PLEASE NOTE:- if the side extrusions are not installed in the channel, you then need to connect by sliding into the channel from one end. 

Once you have established the parts you require for installation, use PVC glue as per the instructions to connect the fittings to the channel.

Once laid and connected, leave the protective tape along the side alloy components in place to protect from cement coming into contact during installation.

Once you have established finished height and fall you can now haunch the drain into place using a concrete or sand and cement mix.

Pour the concrete around the haunched drain base to selected height required for next step, being either tiling, or finished concrete.

PLEASE NOTE:- a 2mm – 4mm expansion joint must be left when using finished concrete.

You are now ready to tile or pour finished concrete into place.

We recommend you use a silicone based or polyurethane product to seal between channel and screed to avoid any possibility of movement between the two products.

Remove the protection tape from channel and side extrusions.

For efficiency and removal for cleaning of the channel, you may prefer to cut the insert tray into 1 m lengths to make the removal easier.

You are now able to cut and fix tile, paver or stone into your Ultra Edge Tile Insert 22 mm tray.

Your Ultra Edge Tile insert section can now be placed between both the side extrusions to give you an amazing finish to your project.


Ultra Edge Tile Insert will accommodate a 20 mm tile, paver or stone product. If you wish to use a 10 mm tile in the Ultra Edge Tile Insert, you may use a 10 mm packer of water resistant villa board to give the final flush finish.

Any cleaning of the alloy must be completed using PH neutral products only and not acids or alkaline products, as these may damage the alloy.